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Dodanwela Devale

Dodanwela Devale entrance with carved elephants

Passing Suriyagoda Viharaya in Yati Nuwara you come across two more historical locations, Dodanwela Devalaya and Danthure Viharaya. These can also be reached by the main road from Alakolange.

It is said that the King Rajasighe II (1635 - 1687) was on his way to Balana to battle the Portuguese when his palanquin snapped and he had to alight at Dodanwela. He asked where this place was and was informed this was called "Nahimige Kovila". Then the king made a wow to present his crown and the jewels to the kovila if he wins the battle. The king was victorious and the promise was kept. Dedicated to a local deity in the past, now it is dedicated to Vishnu and is now called Dodanwela Devale.

The Royal crown that was gifted to the Devale was placed in the Kandyan Museum which was stolen recently by treasure hunters.

The Devale in architecture is similar to Vishnu Devale in Kandy but the inner sanctum has no Vishnu image. Instead there are two portraits of Kings painted on wood which one is believed to be of King Rajasighe II. It also preserves two embroidered silk jackets believed to be belonging to the king and dozen of swards.

Another curious abject here is a brass crown which is said to be of King Vesamuni, the king of the daemons.